Murks Manifaktur


Murks Manufaktur is an interactive gaming installation. It is a combination of
„real“ objects and virtual projected characters.

As a player you can play one of the four craftsmen and women. Before every game you can step up to the wall and rearrange the tools: You can hang up new tools, turn them around or put them off the wall again. Then the tools are tracked and recognized as the new „level“.


The goal is to collect as many projected coins as possible and to activate the „real“ machines. You can activate the radio, that forces the other characters start to dance or you can jump on the pipes and steal coins from your opponents.

The installation was presented at the Game Zone, Kunstverein Stuttgart during the International Animation Festival 2016.


Experience trailer


• Content: Martin Kögel
• Producer: Sebastian Ingenfeld
• Animation, Character-Design: Maike Mahira Koller
• Programming: Christopher Black
• Environment: Caty Davis Blättermann
• Tracking TD: Lisa Ecker
• Music, Soundconcept: Dirk Handreke
• Sound: Tobias Böhm, Christian Wittmoser


The Characters

Karlheinz the stonemason…


…Sybille the construction worker…

…Moe the electrician…

…and Kevin the mechanic-„Azubi“.



• 2016

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