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Get Together

GET TOGETHER is a cooperative 2D asynchronous puzzle game.
Coming soon!

A Game by: Studio Sterneck

Sound Design by: Mathilde Hoffmann 

Environment Design by: Alyssa Cooper

Character Design and Animation by: Maike Mahira Koller                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



ASPERITY (directed by Sebastian Ingenfeld) is a VR experience.

The person playing the game is a space tourist in a space shuttle.

Unfortunately the astronaut Charles Overmayer, who is sitting right next to you, dies after an explosion. Now it is up to you to save your life and fly back home…

I worked on the character animation of the astronaut in Maya…

I also created the posters for Asperity.

Asperity was presented 2018 during the FMX Stuttgart in Germany.


Sherpa Syndicate

SHERPA SYNDICATE (directed by Martin Kögel and Christian Greitman) is an interactive gaming installation.

The person playing the game is playing a sherpa. The goal of the game is to, bring your tourist character up the Mount Everest.

I worked on the character animation of the game characters in 3D Studio Max.

The game was exhibited 2018 at the  Sigraph in Vancouver/Canada and 2019 at the FMX in Stuttgart/Germany.


Murks Manifaktur

MURK´S MANIFAKTUR is an interactive gaming installation that combines "real" objects and projected characters.


Before every game, you step up to the wall and rearrange the „real“ tools: You can hang up new tools, turn them around or put them off the wall again.Then the tools are tracked and the projected characters can start jumping around on the tools and collect virtual coins.

Murk´s Manifaktur was presented 2016 at the Game Zone in Stuttgart/Germany.

As the person playing MURK´S MANIFAKTUR, you play a craftsman/-woman. These are the characters you can choose from:


Karl-Heinz is a stonemason


Sybille is a construction worker


Moe is an electrician


Kevin is the Mechanic-"Azubi"


• Content: Martin Kögel
• Producer: Sebastian Ingenfeld
• Animation, Character-Design: Maike Mahira Koller
• Programming: Christopher Black
• Environment: Caty Davis Blättermann
• Tracking TD: Lisa Ecker
• Music, Soundconcept: Dirk Handreke
• Sound: Tobias Böhm, Christian Wittmoser


CATVENTURES is a jump and run computer game.

The main character in CATVENTURES is the cat-scientist Mr. Smartypants.

Unfortunately his nieces and nephews play with his time machine and end up in different centuries.

Now it is up to the cat-scientist to find his familiy and to bring them safely back to the present.

There are 5 different levels in the game: Laboratory, the Stone Age, Old Egypt, the Middle Ages and the Future. At the end of each level the cat- scientist finds one of his nieces/nephews.

Here you can watch a video of the game-play.

CATVENTURES was presented 2013 at the Spielsalon Kassel/Germany.

Animation, Design by Maike Mahira Koller
Programming by Sebastian Haydt
Music by David Lugo