Animal Patterns

Animal Patterns

ANIMAL PATTERNS Patterns of (some) of my favorite animals! Cats, axelotls, foxes, pigeons, frilled sharks and more! Home More Illustration

Lithography Prints

Handmade lithography prints: Animals making music           This lithograpgy print is a comic to the story „Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichten“ by Adelbert von Chamisso. Home More Illustration

Adventures in the Mushroom Forest

Children´s book about a mushroom that finds a mysterious egg. Now it is up to the mushroom  to find the rightful owner… ADVENTURES IN THE MUSHROOM FOREST was presented at the children´s book competition „Der Meefisch“ in Marktheidenfeld/Germany, 2011. Home More Illustration

Ring around the Rosy

Truestory comic about my childhood, when I moved with my family from Chicago/USA to Winnenden/Germany Home More Illustration