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3D Mix

Here you can find a collection of different 3D illustrations and loop-animations. Created in Blender. 


I wish my desk was this cleaned up.

Animated plane loop created in Blender, textures added in After Effects.

More Blender loops!

Experimental animation, don´t get dizzy!

Still life modeling in Blender. 


The Fox in the Vinyard

THE FOX IN THE VINYARD is the title to my new animation film, coming soon!

The film is inspired by the story „The Fox in the Vinyard“ from the Midrash.

Here you can find some first character drawings and expression sheets of the main character: The fox.

Film coming soon!


Daimler Fuso: For a Long and Content Life

Daimler Fuso: For a Long and Content Life

Here you can find some stills from a fun commissioned job I did for Daimler Fuso. 

Originally it is an animated commercial.

The film is mix of different animation techniques, from cut-out to rotoscoping. A rather experimental approach.

Here you can see some making-of pictures: On the left side, the filmed material and on the right, the look of the final animation. We had a lot of fun on set, with our squirrel actor.

Directed by Feline Gerhardt

Produced by Gabriel Ruehle

Animation and Storyboard by Maike Mahira Koller

Camera by Katharina Kraft

Editing by Farina Hasak


SWIM is a shortfilm about an elderly woman learning how to    swim and despite her age, overcoming her fear of water.

The film is a music animation to a classical music piece by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Lieder ohne Worte, Op. 67 no.2).

The music piece was played by aunt Nina Ehrlich (cello) and Charles Schmidt (piano), sound engineer Kenneth Rasek.

Sound design and mixing by Lena Beck. The sound was also produced as Dolby Atmos.

Directed by: Maike Mahira Koller

Produced by: Malte Stehr

Animation by: Emilia Reich, Sion Kim, Caty Davis, Blättermann, Maike Mahira Koller

Editing by: Tobias Dietz

• April 2018: The Look of Sound, Mannheim, Germany
• April 2018: ITFS Schulpräsentation, Stuttgart, Germany
• Mai 2018: Vafi Rafi Festival, Rijeka, Kroatien
• Juni 2018: Kurzfilmnacht der Stadtjugendpflege, Pfaffenhofen, Germany
• Juni 2018: Animofest, Bratislava, Slovakia
• Juni 2018: Marin County International Festival of Short Film and Video, San Rafael, California, USA
• August 2018: Minikino, Bali, Indonesia
• August 2018: Open Air Weiterstadt , Weiterstadt, Germany
• August 2018: FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
• September 2018: Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
• September 2018: Kraťasy, Pelhřimov, Croatia
• September 2018: Animator FEST – European Youth Festival of Animated Film, Jagodina, Serbia
• September 2018:PIAFF, Paris, France
• September 2018: Women Over 50 Film Festival, Brighton, United Kingdom (2nd place for Best Student Animation).
• September 2018: Anim!Arte-International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, Rio di Janeiro, Brazil
• October 2018: ZINETXIKI International Children and Youth’s Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain
• October 2018: Timishort Film Festiva, Timisoara, Romania
• November 2018: Multivision Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia
• November 2018: Render , Vancouver, Canada
• November 2018: The Global University Film Awards, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
• November 2018: Shenandoah Seasonal Film Series, Shenandoah, Virginia, USA
• December 2018: Aquaciné, Paris, France
• December 2018: Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany
• February 2019: PLAY- Lisbon’s International Kids Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
• February 2019: ANIMAC, Lleida, Spain
• March 2019: Monstra, Lisbon, Portugal
• March 2019: FICAM, Meknes, Marokko
• June 2019: BCN Sports Film 2019, Barcelona, Spain
• June 2019:  21. Festival des deutschen Films in Madrid, Mardid, Spain
• July 2019 ONE Country ONE Film International Festival
• 2019; Issoire and Apchat, France
• 2019 K4-Nacht; Leutkirch im Allgäu, Germany
• August 2019 Silhouette Film Festival; Paris, France
• September 2019 International Animation Film Festival „Nikozi“; Nikozi, Georgia
• October 2019 Internationalen Filmfestivals SCHLINGEL; Chemnitz, Germany
• October 2019 Festival du Cinéma Allemand; Paris, France
• October 2019 stuttgartnacht; Stuttgart, Germany
• November 2019 Animattikon Project; Paphos, Cyprus
• November 2019 Festival des Deutschen Films in Moskau; Moscow, Russia
• December 2019 MINIFICA; Palencia, Spain
• January 2020 International Children Film Festival of Galicia; Galicia, Spain
• January 2020 Cinemagic International Film Festival; Belfast, Northern Ireland

I Love Spring

I LOVE SPRING is a short film about two happy bunnies in a pot... talking. The dialoge is from a YouTube video for learning English.

Animation Mix

Here you can find a mix of different 2D+3D animations, gifs, experiments and animation tests.

URSA is a 3D animation directed by Alexander Frey. I helped out as a character animator (in Maya) on this project.

Rotoscope tests of my cat Pascha.

A short music animation to the beautiful piece „Levee Dance“ by  Jascha Heifetz.

An experimental stop-motion animation: It was the first (and last) time, I animated mouldy toast bread.

Beethoven-Bug: Sleep, work, TV.


The Cat and its Artist

THE CAT AND ITS ARTIST is an animated short film about an artist and his cat.

Here you can find some character drawings of the main characters: Cat, Artist and Art critic.

• April 2016: Monstronale Filmfestival, Halle (Saale), Germany

• April 2016: Sehnsüchte Festival, Babelsberg, Germany

• May 2016: Film Leben Festival, Ilmenau, Germany

• July 2016: iOFF Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh

• October 2016: KLIK! Animation Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• October 2016: Multivision Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

• October 2016: ReAnimania, Yerevan, Armenia

• November 2016: Cinanima, Espinho, Portugal

• November 2016: Kraken Con Animation Fest, Oakland, USA

• November 2016: FreeNetWorld, Nis, Serbia

• January 2017: International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

• Januar 2017: Mi Primer Festival, Lima, Perú

• February 2017: PLAY-Lisbon’s International Kids Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

• February 2017: Chennai International Short Film Festival, Teynapet, Chennai

• March 2017: MONSTRA, Lisbon Portugal

• March/April 2017: International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, Sao Paulo/ Sao Luis/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

• March 2017: Montana International Children’s Film Festival, Montana, USA

• March 2017: Open World Animation Festival, Allentown, USA

• April 2017: TIFF Kids International film Festival, Toronto, Canada

• April-September: Tour 2017 of Le plein de Super, France and Portugal

• May 2017: ANIMEX festival (Award for best 2D Animation), Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

• October 2017: Discovery Film Festival,  Scotland

• October 2017: Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival, Vereinigten Arabische Emirate

• ANIMEX Festival (Middlesbrough, United Kingdom): Award for best 2D Animation. 

• International Student Animation Festival of Brazil (Sao Paulo/ Sao Luis/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): 3rd Prize for Best Animation Europe.

A film by Maike Mahira Koller

Animation and character design by Maike Mahira Koller

Music by Tobias Böhm and Christian Wittmoser

Voices by Klaus Beyer and Monika Kostrzewa



The following three animations were created as a hommage to the dOCUMENTA artist Harry Kramer.


TREE was presented at the Nekropole in Kassel/Germany, a forest-cemetary. The music piece was performed by my grandfather John Ehrlich.

A film by Maike Mahira Koller
Music performed by John Ehrlich (Cello) and Sonya Siebert (Piano)
Music composed by Gabriel Fauré   


RULE ZERO is a stopmotion-clay-animation. The film is also an homage to the dOCUMENTA artist Harry Kramer.

A film by Monika Kostrzewa, Elisabeth Zwimpfer, Daniel Maaß, Uli Baumann, Florian Maubach, Theresa Grysczok, Lukas Thiele and Maike Mahira Koller
Sound by Sebastian Jurchen, Jana Kreisl


DIE SCHLEUSE is hand-drawn on paper.




SIMPLICITY is an homage to my grandfather John Ehrlich, who was a professional cellist. I used three of my grandfathers music recordings for this animation.

– Director, Animator: Maike Mahira Koller
– Music, Cello played by: John Ehrlich
– Music, Piano played by: Sonya Siebert
– Music composed by: Johann Sebastian Bach (Suite No. 2 in D-Minor),
Ernest Bloch (Prayer from Jewish Life),
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Song without Words op. 109)