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https://vimeo.com/552589136https://vimeo.com/523954482 Here you can find my showreels. If you would like to watch them, please write me a short email (maikekoller@gmail.com) and I will happy to send you the password. (Due to some commercial work, I cannot make my showreel public. Thanks!) Home More Animation

Daimler Fuso: For a Long and Content Life

Daimler Fuso: For a Long and Content Life

Daimler Fuso: For a Long and Content Life Here you can find some stills from a fun commissioned job I did for Daimler Fuso.  The film is mixture of different animation techniques, from cut-out-animation to rotoscoping. Here you can see some making-of pictures: On the left side, the filmed material and on the right, the […]



Swim SWIM is a shortfilm about an elderly woman learning how to swim and despite her age, overcoming her fear of water.The film is a music animation to a classical music piece by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Lieder ohne Worte, Op. 67 no.2). The music piece was played by aunt Nina Ehrlich (cello) and Charles Schmidt (piano), […]

I Love Spring

A short film about two happy bunnies in a pot. The dialoge is from a YouTube video for learning English. https://vimeo.com/96794515 Home More Animation

The Cat and its Artist

Filmfestivals • April 2016: Monstronale Filmfestival, Halle (Saale), Germany • April 2016: Sehnsüchte Festival, Babelsberg, Germany • May 2016: Film Leben Festival, Ilmenau, Germany • July 2016: iOFF Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh • October 2016: KLIK! Animation Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands • October 2016: Multivision Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia • October 2016: ReAnimania, Yerevan, Armenia • […]

A Murder of Crows

Animated short with the music of the band „The Morning Reavers“ https://vimeo.com/244669429 Home More Animation


Hommages to the dOCUMENTA artist Harry Kramer https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/78112937 TREE was presented at the Nekropole in Kassel/Germany, a forest-cemetary. The music piece was performed by my grandfather John Ehrlich. A film by Maike Mahira Koller Music performed by John Ehrlich (Cello) and Sonya Siebert (Piano) Music composed by Gabriel Fauré    https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/67427551 RULE ZERO is a […]